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January to February: Looking back, Looking forward.

Looking Back

Well January, you felt long! This month is our second in our new home in Forres and it was all about adjustment, transition, company and exploring. We have:

Hosted a couple of family gatherings. Food was a main feature

Explored the town and coast (Walks on Cluny hill and around Sanquhar woods as well as the village of Findhorn and all around Brodie Castle)

Discovered the Playful garden at Brodie Castle.

Discovered the Swan Pond at Brodie Castle

and also:

  • Fought off multiple colds and viral infections (thank goodness for elderberry and blackcurrant syrup and Vicks Vaporub!)

  • Eaten multiple scones prepared by my brother

  • spent more time with cousins, second cousins and cousins once removed!

  • Unpacking my herbal dispensary (...but where did I pack all my bottles and lids!?)


Looking Forward

February will see me back up and running my herbal practice and dispensary and I am looking to balance my work and play a bit more (it's currently much more on the side of play still!). I thrive with a little structure, not too much, and this seems the perfect time to create some new routines for us all to help our days flow a little smoother. For now though my working day is done and it's time to ease into a weekend full of unknown adventures...

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