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Winter is here

I used to find winter tough. Ridiculously, unbelievably, hopelessly tough. We have had a tumultuous relationship over the years but recently we have reconciled our differences.

It hasn’t been easy but then, why should it be? I have had to change both my attitude and approach to winter. It’s been worth it.

Look outside and winter gives the illusion of death. Trees are skeletal, the sap has sunk and there is no growth. The days are shorter, the sun is lower, colours are faded and the temperature is colder. Plants deal with this by putting their energy into their roots and bulbs creating a reserve. This reserve helps them to not only survive winter but also provides nutrients for spring time growth.

While outward signs of life may disappear work goes on internally and the potential of new growth is always present in the protected buds which have already formed before spring. We have a lot to learn from plants and how they deal with winter. Humans, like plants, need to watch energy reserves but unlike plants we don’t have roots and bulbs to pull our energy from, instead we have our kidneys and adrenal glands. This is the time to nourish these with combination of Abundant reserves give us courage and strength and without them we manifest fear.

We all have our inner work to complete and the potential for new growth but if we do not protect our reserves how can we make it through the winter let alone grow at the other side. When spring arrives our buds will not burst open, our green wood will not grow. We will be left tough, inflexible, fearful and resentful.

Winter is about stillness and it is about quiet time and without the quiet time there is no reflection and without reflection there is no growth. Let's sit back and reflect and quietly grow...


(Are you a winter person? Do you love it or struggle with it? )

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