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I'm SO tired!

“I’m so tired!” is a cry frequently emitted by me. Followed by, “why am I so tired?” I find it permanently mystifying. It must be because I drink too much tea and don’t eat properly. Maybe I’m just too damn lazy? (or maybe it’s because I’m a hormonal forty something hurtling towards the menopause?) Regardless, the solution is clearly drink water with fruit in it, eat salads, start an exercise regime and eat spirulina raw bars instead of chocolate…

…we’ve all been here. Exhausted and debilitated and desperately looking for the root cause of this. We tell ourselves that if we cut out caffeine, sugar, wheat or foods we enjoy then we will feel revitalised, recharged and energised. The focus always seems to be on not eating right, drinking too much coffee or not enough exercise. Sort those out and suddenly we will be glowing, radiant and, most importantly, full of energy. I don’t necessarily agree with that because I know where my energy and vitality have gone, and it’s not because I drink 6 cups of tea in a day and eat crisps.

Let me gently make some suggestions as to where our energy and mojo may have gone: lack of adult stimulation, loneliness and the drudgery of the eternal housework (those dishes! That laundry pile!). What about never sitting down because of feeling guilty (“but there’s so much to do!”), being woken up multiple times in the night for six years by small people for no obvious logical reason, having no hobbies of your own, having no time to yourself, not even knowing yourself anymore - not enough tea and coffee. Surely these are the real reason energy levels go down the tubes. The not eating right and coffee is a side effect of this.

Instead of being compassionate with ourselves and accepting that our lives are busy and sometimes overwhelming we then add in some food masochism. This kind of denial leads to one place and one place only and that’s attending every local child’s birthday party so you can eat the “leftover” biscuits and cake. We’ve all been there, hovering behind the children, “clearing up.”

So be kind to yourselves my friends. Have a piece of chocolate and for goodness sake, and for everyone’s sanity, drink that caffeinated beverage. Let’s not default to a lifetime of media pressure which suggests that tiredness is a result of our bad choices. The only bad choice is picking the path which suggests we are not doing enough. I am doing plenty and I can make the educated guess that you are too. That coffee and a biscuit may not be the energy sapping evil we are led to believe but rather a rare opportunity to sit down and exhale. We are already doing so much and doing it much better than we think, and I raise my fourth mug of tea of the day to you.

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