Herbal Consultations

Monday & Wednesday 

9.30- 14.00

Tuesday & Thursday

13.00 - 14.30

Weekends by arrangement

1st Consultation

1 hr  @ £45

Follow up consultation

30 minutes @ £30

1 hr @ £45

Medicine approximately £10 per week

Herbal consultations consist of an in depth case history covering past and current health conditions to get to the root cause of your condition/s. After this we turn our attention to your future health and this remains the focus for the duration of your treatment. We work together to create a holistic treatment program around your life which will include relevant dietary and lifestyle changes and herbal medicines.

First consultations are taken in person or via Skype but follow ups can take place by phone, Skype or in person.

I recommend a minimum of three follow up consultations 

Perhaps you are unsure whether a herbal consultation is for you. I offer a zero obligation Discovery Session where we can chat for 10 minutes and find out if a herbal consultation is right for you.

For further information send an email to or phone on 07917043189

Over the counter herbal medicines

Monday to  Friday 

9.30 - 14.00

You may feel that you don't need a herbal consultation at the moment and would like to try something over the counter before going further. I am able to offer a range of over the counter herbal medicines to help with every day ailments.

For further information send an email to or phone on 07917043189