Hi, I'm Cat. I’m 43 , I’m a life coach, herbalist and mum to two amazing girls; I’m on a journey to living the life that my soul desires but I spent what feels like a lifetime not doing what I wanted to do.

​As a very young child I remember feeling very sure of my place in the world. I was outspoken and confident and knew what I wanted but from the time my mum became ill that all changed. When I was eight my grandma came to live with us and that is when I took making other people happy very seriously. From the best intentions of manners and misplaced morals I was conditioned to be a people pleaser and because everyone in my life wanted or “expected” different things from me, well, you can imagine, that’s a hard way to live. When what you want to do isn’t acceptable to others and doesn’t please them and they loudly dismiss your dreams and desires, then your voice gets quieter and you lose the ability to express your needs and all those things you had been passionate about.

​Keep quiet. Don’t upset people.

And the years went on and there were always other people to please and  I still continued to base decisions on what I thought would make someone else happier or would make their life easier. I stopped following my dreams, stopped doing the things I enjoyed, I stopped being the person I was.

Approaching forty and feeling desperately deeply unhappy  I sat and reviewed my current life and none of it was making me happy. I didn't feel fulfilled, I felt lost and disconnected from my self. 

And, right there, I decided that rather than allowing this to affect me every single day what did Catriona May, late thirties, want of her life? What did I want my life to look like but, more importantly, how did I want to feel every day? I wanted a life that was true to myself and I have worked every day to work out what that is. I am still on this journey of rediscovery and I am far from perfect. Some days my voice wavers and speaking my truth makes me anxious but, I try hard to do it anyway because the consequences of not doing it are not worth it to me.​

Through this process I discovered coaching and it connected with me in a way that nothing else had. Through reflective practices, self-compassion and coaching I came to realise that I follow a line of women who dedicated their lives to pleasing others. I follow a line of women who did not do what they wanted to do because someone else disapproved; I follow a line of women who did not speak their truth and were desperately unhappy. It ends here.

​Perhaps parts sound familiar. Maybe it’s your story too, but it doesn’t have to be.  I want you to wake in the morning full of excitement because you are chasing the things you love with the people you love. I want you to feel proud of who you are and what you want to do and to find the voice to share it all with others. Together we will unleash that fierce and indomitable woman that you really are.

Strengthen your voice, stand in your power and speak your truth.

To find out more about what coaching entails go to the 1-on-1 coaching page  or you can book a discovery session email hello@catrionamay.com